E-mpa® offers members the opportunity to receive the E-mpa® Certification. To become certified by E-mpa® an individual must fulfill numerous requirements, including:

  • Knowledge of E-rate program rules, regulations and policies
  • Years of experience consulting with multiple applicants (3+ years)
  • Serve as an employee or owner of an E-mpa®-member organization
  • Receive continuing professional education on an annual basis (16 hours)
  • Respond to moral character questions
  • Agree to abide by the E-mpa® Code of Ethics
  • Pass a detailed E-mpa® Certification Exam


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About the E-mpa® Certification exam

If an individual’s application for certification is accepted and the individual meets all other requirements, they must sit for and pass the E-mpa® Certification Exam. This exam is designed to confirm the knowledge and experience of a candidate for certification. The exam is prepared by the exam committee which consists of E-rate professionals with years of knowledge and practical experience concerning the E-rate program, including experience with internal USAC employee examinations.

The test is a proctored examination consisting of approximately 100 questions covering a broad range of topics and information. Despite the high-standards required to sit for the exam, about one-fifth of candidates do not pass.

The exam generally is offered twice a year.